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Buyer's Guide: Mountain Trikes

27th February, 2023

Buyer's Guide: Mountain Trikes

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Some of our best-selling adult tricycles are our mountain trikes as they can withstand a wider range of terrain. Many customers opt for a mountain trike so they can explore off-road cycle routes as well as use their tricycles on paved surfaces.


Our bestselling all-terrain electric trikes

Our bestselling mountain tricycles are the JMT3 and the JMT9. Both have all the key features of a Jorvik mountain tricycle, however, the JMT9 has the extra capability of folding down to a smaller size so it’s easier to store and transport.

Additionally, we have recently launched not one but two new electric mountain tricycles – the JMT11 with a front-drive motor and the JMT13 with a mid-drive motor. The JMT11 and 13 are Jorvik’s first dual-battery electric mountain trikes. The dual battery allows riders to cycle for twice as long and go twice as far!


5 features of our off-road trikes

To get the most out of your adult tricycle, it’s important you find the right one for you. The features on our Jorvik mountain trikes are designed to ensure you’re able to explore off-road routes effortlessly and with confidence.

1. Hydraulic front suspension

This type of suspension system is better at absorbing bumps along the way, it improves stability with sudden stops or turns, and overall it allows riders to have a more comfortable and controlled ride when cycling on different terrains.

2. Hydraulic disc brakes 

These brakes are more efficient and require less effort to operate compared to traditional cable systems, they're also less prone to wear and tear and give riders more consistent and powerful braking performance. 

This type of braking system also requires little maintenance and is less affected by weather conditions, making it the perfect option for mountain trikes.

3. Puncture-resistant tyres

When riding on off-road routes your tyres must be able to withstand uneven and rough terrain. Thicker and more durable tyres ensure that rocks, gravel and other sharper objects that would usually puncture a regular tire are not a problem.

This makes your mountain trike more reliable and gives riders greater peace of mind and confidence when cycling on off-road routes.

4.  Rear differential 

When making turns on a tricycle, the outside wheel will have more work to do to maintain stability and prevent the tricycle from tipping over. To help with this, the rear differential is a mechanical device that allows wheels to rotate at different speeds when turning corners.

This allows for better manoeuvrability, stability and confidence when turning corners.

5. Folding frame

A selection of our mountain trikes have a folding frame to enable you to take your tricycle with you on your adventures. Check out this video of how to fold a Jorvik Tricycle.


Explore our range of mountain trikes here.

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