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Tricycle Tips: How to maintain your off-road tricycle

26th January, 2024

Tricycle Tips: How to maintain your off-road tricycle

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Your off-road tricycle is bound to encounter more rugged conditions and is exposed to dirt, mud and rocks. Regular maintenance of your off-road tricycle is crucial to maintaining its reliability and ensuring its longevity.


How to look after your electric mountain tricycle

 1. Regularly clean your mountain trike

The accumulation of dirt, mud and other debris can not only compromise your mountain trikes performance but also lead to premature wear and tear. Regularly cleaning your off-road tricycle can help improve functionality and give your mountain trike a longer lifespan.

Use a gentle brush, a sponge and soapy water to clean your mountain trike – particularly your chains and gears.

2. Inspect the frame of your off-road tricycle

If you frequently use your mountain trike on rough terrains, it’s important to conduct regular of its frame. This will help you identify any signs of damage, stress, or other issues. This helps to ensure the safety and integrity of the frame during challenging off-road conditions.

3. Check the tires on your trike

Your mountain trike’s tires bear the brunt of cycling on rough terrain. It's important to check your off-road tricycle's tires regularly to ensure maximum traction while cycling off-road, prevent flat tires, and maintain overall safety.

Make sure to inspect the tires for any signs of wear, cuts, or punctures. Additionally, verify that the tire pressure falls within the recommended range.

4. Suspension maintenance

Regular maintenance of the suspension system in your off-road tricycle is crucial to ensure optimal performance, responsiveness, and a smooth ride. It helps to absorb the impact from rough terrain and maintain stability while cycling.

5. Inspect your brakes

You must check the brakes on your off-road tricycle to ensure their responsiveness and effectiveness. This is particularly important when navigating more challenging terrains, as the brakes help to keep you safe when cycling off-road. Regular inspections can prevent potential issues such as reduced stopping power and control over braking or brake pad wear.

Check the brakes for wear and replace when necessary. Ensure brake levers and cables function properly.

6. Lubricate moving parts

Lubricating moving parts of your off-road tricycle reduces corrosion, friction and wear and tear. This helps maintain smooth operation and extend the lifespan of critical parts of your off-road tricycle.


With proper tricycle maintenance, you can embrace the thrill of off-road adventures with confidence. Check out our blog to find some of the off-road trails to explore.

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